Bergisons Questions & Comments

You can post general questions or comments regarding the simpit here, I'll try to answer them if I can. Post questions on specific items on the respective sub-page (e.g. making of). Of course, you can also send me an email to if you prefer.


Juha posted on 22.5.2020 at 10:26

Have you thought about kickstarter for this? As the prototype is already running, just needs to get the edges smoothed for production. Just a thought. 

Propably you are aware of these, but a few spherical motion sims collected both about 250kusd in the recent years, ofcourse with the promise to deliver 100-200 units, which is pending(YAW is delivering). Different designs to a g-seat, but it´s cool to see development on many sides. YAW really looks like a toy, but definately has potential in a sense that it´s a really compact device which packs with the seat into the half sphere (without controls) and weighs a mere 26kg´s. Most people need to keep these things somewhere visible anyway, so I can see the market.

For me, looking for carsim, a G-seat sound the best, so I´ll join the waiting list..


Hi Juha and many thanks for your post! I was aware of these bowel-style VR platforms, they're definitively cool products!
Launching a kickstarter is in fact becoming more and more of an option for me to get this going. I hope I will be able to provide tangible updates very soon!


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Avidflyer posted on 17.5.2020 at 21:38

Hello I like ask are there any plans for your seat? I like to build your kind of seat without the motion only the shape which will nicely fit in my pit. At this time I have only a car seat inside but he didn’t work out because of the missing slot for the stick. Some pictures from all sides would be perfect when there are no plans. Thank your very much. Kind regards Christian


Hi Christian, thanks for your post! I cannot share plans of my seat at the moment, because we are just about to start production for a market launch. A DIY version with plans and instructions is however part of the strategy.
If you are just looking for ejection seat builds (without the motion) there are some great projects over at!


VRA_Delta posted on 14.5.2020 at 16:27

Hi Bergison,
I fly with the Virtual Red Arrows, we have been looking for this type of set up for when we attend flight sim conventions or performing at real and virtual airshows. We are currently sponsored by Thrustmaster and would be very interested in using this at our events.


Hi VRA_Delta, thanks for your message! Me and a partner are just looking into the possibility of producing and launching the seat commercially. There is a good chance that it will be available to test and buy in the near future. Please stay tuned!

Blackey Cole posted on 27.1.2020 at 21:47

Are you going to have a display at the 2020 fltsim expo?  If so I might pickup one then if it is as you say.


Hi Blackey,
not sure yet. The company I teamed up with is currently working on the prototype for production but it is too early for estimates when the seat will be available or ready to show on an expo.


Yuri posted on 22.12.2019 at 14:12

Christophe, agree that F18 in VR is great, but having to deal with VR cockpit spoils part of the experience. I was thinking about mixed reality (real cockpit \ outside world in VR), but all MR solutions are still in prototype. 
Could you share some pics how did you cut the VR helmet? 


Hi Yuri, thanks for your post! I totally agree with you in that a VR cockpit is nice to look at, but is no match for a real hardware pit, where you can look at what you touch, see displays and associated buttons and read checklist.

I was, like you, searching for a MR solution for a long time but have not found something usable so far. 
So I decided to cut my Rift to use it in "hardware MR mode"... ;) The results are great and as I frequently receive questions about it, I'm going to write a dedicated page here with explanations and pictures. Stay tuned.


Christophe posted on 08.12.2019 at 16:25

You made a fantastic job. I'm very interested by the plan you use to design you cockpit shell. I find a lot of plan on internet but not with the precise quote for each different part. I'm looking on a 2D drawing to put on a wood plate in order to cut it and then assemble all the part.
Can you tell me how you realize your drawing?
Thanks a lot.


Hi Christophe,I used the 3D model by k-lu from and printed some views I needed from it for reference. There is no such thing as a parts or assembly template for the F-18 yet, I'm sorry. Every Hornet simpit is unique.


Andrew posted on 09.11.2019 at 8:18

Hi, very interested in your seat and I can say I will buy when when available. If they don’t come to market as a whole you should definitely sell plans. The only concern I might have for you is a “possible” conflict. Check out ACME Worldwide ( and their seat. Granted they are on a completely different level as far as customer base, I would just hate to see them come after you if your seat infringes on anything they have going on. Excellent work so far and I seriously look forward to having one in my home!


Hi Andrew, thanks for your post and your concerns! I know of the ACME seats but unfortunately never got to try one.
As far as I can see, they use moveable elements in the seat to provide pressure and motion feedback, but do not move the seat as a whole. I therefore conclude that our technical approaches are rather different. I also doubt that they use only three motors to drive all their movement, like my seat does. Should my seat get commercialized somehow, it would not even be a direct competitor, as the ACME seats are not aimed at the consumer or civil markets to my knowledge.
Apart from all that, the successful patent application review that I received, lets me rest assured that my mechanism is new and unique.

Stephen Harris posted on 22.10.2019 at 10:22

This seat looks extremely impressive. I really hope you can get it to market because I would love to own one. 
Question. Have you ever thought about simulating g-force to the head in a similar way to how f1 drivers train by adding weight or pull and push in the direction of force. This would really add to the overall sense of force while flying/driving even to the point of being uncomfortable but that is what high G manoeuvres are all about isn’t it. 
Incidentally I know 2 very high level people from 2 separate F1 teams and I would be very happy to make an introduction. I was only talking to one of them about the problem of g-force simulation over the summer. Let me know. 
Kind regards


Hi Stephen, thanks for your kind words! I have thought about this but as it requires some complicated mechanisms in order not to massively interfere with the ability to still be able to move your head around freely (which you need in flight simulation as opposed to F1), I abandoned the idea. I also found that the motion part of my design moves the head around quite a bit and this suffices for the effect. Yes, please – feel free to forward my email, website and videos to people interested in this. I’ll be happy to provide more information!


Jejestylix posted on 24.8.2019 at 12:18

Bonjour, je suis fou de ton travail. Vous n'avez pas essayé de le mettre sur DCS? Je veux faire une fosse mais depuis que je vole en VR je ne peux pas sortir. Je veux toujours en faire un mais ce sera beaucoup moins beau. Seulement fonctionnel et avec des interrupteurs aux bons endroits. Et je n'ai pas de place dans mon bureau pour faire une fosse complète. Je vais fortement inspiré en tout cas. Merci beaucoup Jejestylix


Bonjour Jejestylix and thanks for your post! My french is a bit rusty (to say the least) so I used Google-Translate to get everything right:

"Hello, I'm crazy about your work. You did not try to put it on DCS? I want to make a pit but since I fly in VR I can not go out. I always want to make one but it will be a lot less beautiful. Only functional and with switches in the right places. And I have no place in my office to make a complete pit. I will strongly inspired anyway.
Thank you very much Jejestylix."

So, well - I do use my pit with DCS, although it is an F-18 "E" and not a "C" like in DCS. But I have the C-Model UFC panel displayed on my UFC touchscreen using Helios and that works quite fine. The G-Seat works nicely with DCS too, although dogfighting feels much like a workout ;)
Let me know if I can be of any help with your pit!


I just saw for the translation. it's Google that translated into French what I translated into English ... lol thank you for the proposal for help. currently I do not know how to do it. as I fly vr I do not need a high quality pit. I think to print the panels in 3d. just have the switches in the right places :D

Alexey Tokarenko posted on 29.5.2019 at 9:01

Hello. it is strange but i can not mail to you because 'Email rejected due to known spaming operations'. Left message here: Long time ago i've visited your site with detailed discription of building g-seat. i plan to build g-seat to Prepar3d flights but for now i can't see that info. could you provide g-seat electric schematics with components nominals and sketches for arduinos? Thank you.


Hi Alexey, sorry for the email inconvenience. As I receive mails via daily without problems, I suspect it being something with your mail account. Maybe try to send from another adress?
The infos you once saw were from my original G-seat. I removed all outdated pages with the build of the new Motion Integrated G-Seat and plan to release DIY building information in the future. In the meantime, you can find many infos on my original and other G-Seats projects over at


Wouter posted on 18.3.2019 at 14:55

Hi! Your pit looks amazing. What displays do you use for your MFCDs? Thanks!


Thanks Wouter! For the left and right DDIs I use 7" display-sets bought from For The MPCD and the standby instruments I found some used 10" VGA displays on ebay. The UFCD is a 7" touch monitor by faytech.


Rami posted on 03.2.2019 at 16:13

Would you build a joystick and throttle unit for the F-18 and sell it to me?  I live in the US.


Hi Rami! Sorry, I can't do that. Check out for high-grade F-18 throttles. I also hear that Thrustmaster is planning to launch an F-18C flight control stick in the near future.


Hey, check this out.


sydost posted on 02.2.2019 at 20:22

Hello, very impressive work with the new motion seat. I have a couple of questions about it. What kind of motors did you use? Still windshield wiper motors? Is the software in use x-sim?
Are the seatbelts attached to the fixed part of the seat and thus tighten / loosen when the moving part moves or do you use some kind of belt tensioning mechanism.
I have four windshield wiper motors waiting for me to start building a copy of your first G-seat but I think as I haven't yet started the build I might as well change to similar design that you have in your new seat.


Hi sydost! Thanks! No, I don't use wiper motors in the new seat as they are not near strong enough to include vertical lift.The lap belt is indeed attached to non-moving parts as this results in adequate tensioning, the shoulder harness has its own mechanism for adjustment.
Sorry to say, but at the moment I am not going to disclose any more details on the internal mechanism that drives the seat, as I hope to find a suitable company willing to produce and bring the seat to market in the near future, as I don't have the time and resources to do that my own.


I had thought about making a g-seat first and then add 2d motion to it but that would have resulted in 6 motors total and it wouldn't have given the heave (up/down) motion. Nice to see it it is doable with only three motors. Unfortunaly I have trouble finding the time to actually get building all my projects. Good luck trying to get your seat to the market. I'll probably end up buying it as I haven't accomplished anything worthwhile in the meantime ;) .

Cristian posted on 18.1.2019 at 1:37

Hello, your work its incredible, thank u for share this to the community. A friend and i was talking about  built a G seat, But we just have random ideas and thousands of questions. Can you help us with a start point ? we fly FA18C from DCS. thank u! regards!!


Thanks Cristian! I removed all info about the G-Seat from this site, as I am about to publish an improved version of Motion/G-Seat here in a few weeks.
Check out, there is much information about G-Seat projects over there: link
Also my original G-Seat thread from 2013: link
If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me! All the best with your build!