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Simpit structure

Working time approx. 7 days.

The simpit is a wooden construction as closely as possible to the dimensions of the real F/A-18E cockpit. I found some real cockpit pictures, useful dimensions and some very good 3D models on

<strong>Day 1</strong> (16.3.2015): first cuts Day 1 (16.3.2015): first cuts
<strong>Day 2</strong>: some progress Day 2: some progress
<strong>Day 3-4</strong>: simpit framework Day 3-4: simpit framework
<strong>Day 5</strong>: side consoles done Day 5: side consoles done
<strong>Day 6</strong>: paintjob started Day 6: paintjob started
<strong>Day 7</strong>: main structure finished Day 7: main structure finished


Rob "Saint_Genius" posted on 15.5.2022 at 17:20

Your design looks very different from the structure on Open Hornet. Was your design easier or simpler to put together? Wanting to start a project of my own and just want the simplest method. I\'m not planning to get as intricate. I\'m using a winwing throttle, Thrustmaster DDIs and a 3D printed USB UFC. I may add some more tek creations switches etc. but not going one to one (at this point). 


Hi Rob,From what I can see on their website, OpenHornet seems like an amazing project and is probably the way to go for a new Hornet cockpit. I've started my pit some time before OpenHornet went live, so I can't say which one is simpler to build. Back then, I got hints and plans from, also a wealth of good information for builders.


e4mafia posted on 28.9.2020 at 21:22

Did you the cut out openings for laying in the various switch panes in the side consoles?


Navigate to the page "". You'll find a picture of the panels from behind the right console, there you can see how I did the cutouts.


Will posted on 21.1.2020 at 2:22

Hey I realize this might be a stretch for you but is there anyway you could include dimensions for this? I'm trying to build my own F/A-18 Sim but I have nothing to base it off. Thanks!


Hi Will,
thanks for your post! Unfortunately, I don't have any plans I could share right now. I used the excellent sketchup models from (by k-lu) and drew everything by hand from there. 

You might also want to take a look at OpenHornet, they develop really great 3D models and other useful instructions.