bergisons F-18 E Simulator

As far as I can remember I've always wanted to be a pilot and fly airplanes! At least since kindergarten, according to my parents. Neither them nor I knew exactly why, as nobody in my family has any ties with aviation. And it is like that today. 25 years after receiving my first pilots licence, I am still looking forward to (almost) every flight as an airline pilot driving the Airbus 320.

For a felt eternity though, I was too young to take off in a real airplane. However it didn't matter too much to me because in my imagination, my flight simulator was at least as good as the real thing! I started out in the 80s with some sort of F-16 simulator on an old 286 PC with only a keyboard and a monochrome monitor showing the horizon and some "pyramid" mountains.


My first simpit in 1990