Bergisons Motion Integrated G-Seat
The Motion Integrated G-Seat
Video 1: Introduction (10:21)
Video 2: Racing Cars (7:06)
Video 3: Aircraft (8:33)
The Motion Integrated G-Seat in an F/A-18E flight simulator The Motion Integrated G-Seat in an F/A-18E flight simulator
The Motion Integrated G-Seat



Jason posted on 04.8.2019 at 14:17
Would be so cool to try that with No Limits 2 Roller Coaster Simulator + VR! 


The_Ignotus posted on 19.7.2019 at 22:16

Hi and thank you for being an enthusiast ;)Are there any updates on the talks with the potential manufactures?Did you think about making the Ejection levlers function as buttons?And did you think about adding a stick base mountig plate for Thrustmaster Warthog and Virpil for example, like a plate with predrilled holes?And most importand for me:Is this seat / XSim compatible with DCS World?
I defently want one of theese, because it is the FIRST seat i find in the two years im searching for a f-18c seat on which it makes sense to start building a VR Sim system around. :DThank you for your dedication and work!!!


Hi The_Ignotus and thanks for your message!

1) There are currently two companies (one in the US and one in Europe) evaluating a production. Both are interested in bringing the seat to market but it will take some time.
We are also in contact with some other companies and individuals for possible production and partnership. To sum it up, there is a lot of interest but at the same time it is hard to find a company wich has the expertise, facilities AND the financial background to build and launch a completely new system.
It all takes longer than I expected, but it looks promising that the seat will be available for the public "someday"...

2) Both the side levers and the ejection handle are operative on my prototype and I agree with you that prefabricated mounting options for flight controls would definitively be a good thing to have on a future consumer version.

3) Yes, my seat uses x-sim for simulator interface and I have currently set it up for both FSX/P3D and DCS. The exported parameters out of the sims are a bit different, but work equally well.
My guess is that a future marketing company would either use their proprietary software or make the hardware x-sim compatible (or maybe both?).


Sacapuces posted on 24.6.2019 at 1:31

Hi! Looks dope. I you ever find a company to make it or agree to sell plans/instruction, hit me up, I would definitely be interrested. 


Thanks Sacapuces, I'll keep you updated!

Digger posted on 22.5.2019 at 5:56

This seat dose look really great, and the design looks robust, what about noise, latency , software,? I am interested should the seat go to manufacture. As I am a real world pilot I think it could be used in semi professional flight sims for training. Keep me posted please!


Thanks Digger, the seat has no perceptible latency and the sound it emits is easily drowned out by engine noise. During flight, I don't hear the motors and mechanics of the seat at all. For software interface I use X-Sim at the moment.


Jon posted on 29.5.2019 at 9:08

I want this for Elite: Dangerous. Kickstarter this. I will fund you. :)


Nick posted on 28.4.2019 at 20:53

So, first you need to file for a patent. Once that's done, talking to contract manufacturers would be next step. You will want to focus on manufacturers that are lower volume, and preferably ones that have facilities in Mexico or Asia.
I would recommend crowd funding this if you are serious, but plan for manufacturing to be more expensive than you think. Most tech Kickstarters fail at this step, as reliability testing and design changes as a result run up the costs quickly.
Good luck! I've bookmarked your site to keep tabs on it once in awhile. I'm quite interested in purchasing this if it becomes available!


Thanks Nick, all steps you mentioned (except the kickstarter) have already been taken care of. I received a positive review for an international patent application (PCT) and we are in talks with potential manufacturing companies. I'll keep you updated!


Jett posted on 21.4.2019 at 21:30

Your seat looks to copy the existing design of the Simxperience G-Seat. 


No Jett, not a bit! The mechanics of my seat are fundamentally different. They drive seat motion, seat geometry and harness belts all at once.

To my knowledge, the Simexperience seat is static with moving paddles and can as such be mounted on some kind of ancillary motion system.

Andre Pointner

Ha, ha, it's like comparing a Ford T-Model to a Porsche GT2. Ok both have four wheels, but that was it *g


Wayne Edwards posted on 20.4.2019 at 4:27

Hi Bergison,

Absolutely awesome Motion Integrated G-Seat man. Thanks. 

I have a couple of Andre's KW-908 jet-seats, one in a Block 52 F16 cockpit and another in an F1 Car simulator (both home built) which have been great and added to the total immersion of both sims I use.....but this is a totally different dimension and as I can see immersion level. I am excited and thanks for sharing your awesome project.

I to would be extremely interested in a Motion Integrated DIY kit. Have you made any progress along those lines in the past couple of months?



Hi Wayne,
thanks for your comment! I am still investigating means of making a commercial version of the seat available not only for professional use but also affordable to the sim community.

The DIY version with a kit and/or the plans and instructions is still also something I'd like to realize, but it will take some more time, hang on!


Peter posted on 28.2.2019 at 15:31

Unbelievable, this is amazing. I just got into VR and this would add so to the immersion factor. I do think you need to have a real cockpit with switches as you will not be able to move a mouse cursor to manipulate switches.
I hope you find a way to market this. I could imagine selling a part list and plans too but how do you prevent people from sharing it?
Keep me posted!


Thanks Peter! Having a "real" cockpit is nice of course, but you don't necessarily need one with the seat. It is also great with just some controllers and a screen or with a VR headset.

Actually, it is also hard if not impossible to manipulate switches in a real aircraft during agressive maneuvers or severe turbulence. The same applies for using a mouse cursor, it only adds to the realism!


Alex Antonio posted on 26.2.2019 at 15:20

Incredible work. How much maintenance is required on the seat? Are the parts easily replaceable/repairable if something breaks?


Thanks Alex! Apart from charging the batteries, there is no maintenance required.The internal mechanism is very robust, I doubt something is going to break there anytime soon. The weakest parts would be the motors, but the seat is designed not to demand their maximum capacity. They merely get warm even during long operation. If a part there should fail, it would easily be accessible for repair or replacement.


Flemming Bleis Nielsen posted on 21.2.2019 at 11:16

I`ve been following you, since your first G-seat...
I´m building a VR cookpit, and have tryed some motion platforms, but non of them was any good, as you discovered too.
Can I in any way, buy your drawings ect, so I can buildt a G-seat my self, and avoid all the trails n`errors you have discovred ?


Hello and thanks for your question! I do not disclose or sell plans for the seat at this moment, as I am evaluating means of bringing it to market. This might include the possibility for DIY builders to purchase instructions or assembly kits too. Please hang on!


Gary posted on 12.2.2019 at 5:25

If you were to build a seat for an individual what would the approximate cost? Looks like a wonderful addition to any flight sim. Thanks, Gary


Thanks Gary! Sorry to say, I don't have the time or resources to build any more seats myself at the moment. If you know a company willing to produce and market the seat, give them my number ;)


George posted on 02.2.2019 at 20:30

Wow! This is a really amazing concept!! Are you, or will you do a video of flying your F-18 with your Motion Integrated G-Seat? And Have you thought about doing a video such as MRPilot does in mixed reality. With your MIG-Seat (cool acronym, huh? :-) ) and F-18 cockpit, that would make a really awesome video!
(lot of work though)
Thanks for sharing!
BTW, the links in your earlier reply below are broken.


Thanks George! Like I said at the end of video #2, I am working on the next video right now, showing the seat inside my F-18 simulator. I don't think I can produce something as cool as MRPilot though, but I'll do my best to show the seat performing in an aircraft as descriptively as possible!


Video #3 of the seat inside my F/A-18 cockpit is now online:

Michael Smith posted on 30.1.2019 at 14:35

This is awesome!! Have you thought about selling the plans and software?


Thanks Michael! Well, I am ready to start sales or contract talks with anyone, if he/she/the company in line intends to produce the seat in a reasonable quality and quantity to offer it in the public market.