Bergisons Motion Integrated G-Seat

You can post general questions or comments regarding the simpit here, I'll try to answer them if I can. Post questions on specific items on the respective sub-page (e.g. making of). Of course, you can also send me an email to if you prefer.


Alexey Tokarenko posted on 29.5.2019 at 9:01

Hello. it is strange but i can not mail to you because 'Email rejected due to known spaming operations'. Left message here: Long time ago i've visited your site with detailed discription of building g-seat. i plan to build g-seat to Prepar3d flights but for now i can't see that info. could you provide g-seat electric schematics with components nominals and sketches for arduinos? Thank you.


Hi Alexey, sorry for the email inconvenience. As I receive mails via daily without problems, I suspect it being something with your mail account. Maybe try to send from another adress?
The infos you once saw were from my original G-seat. I removed all outdated pages with the build of the new Motion Integrated G-Seat and plan to release DIY building information in the future. In the meantime, you can find many infos on my original and other G-Seats projects over at


Wouter posted on 18.3.2019 at 14:55

Hi! Your pit looks amazing. What displays do you use for your MFCDs? Thanks!


Thanks Wouter! For the left and right DDIs I use 7" display-sets bought from For The MPCD and the standby instruments I found some used 10" VGA displays on ebay. The UFCD is a 7" touch monitor by faytech.


Rami posted on 03.2.2019 at 16:13

Would you build a joystick and throttle unit for the F-18 and sell it to me?  I live in the US.


Hi Rami! Sorry, I can't do that. Check out for high-grade F-18 throttles. I also hear that Thrustmaster is planning to launch an F-18C flight control stick in the near future.


Hey, check this out.


sydost posted on 02.2.2019 at 20:22

Hello, very impressive work with the new motion seat. I have a couple of questions about it. What kind of motors did you use? Still windshield wiper motors? Is the software in use x-sim?
Are the seatbelts attached to the fixed part of the seat and thus tighten / loosen when the moving part moves or do you use some kind of belt tensioning mechanism.
I have four windshield wiper motors waiting for me to start building a copy of your first G-seat but I think as I haven't yet started the build I might as well change to similar design that you have in your new seat.


Hi sydost! Thanks! No, I don't use wiper motors in the new seat as they are not near strong enough to include vertical lift.The lap belt is indeed attached to non-moving parts as this results in adequate tensioning, the shoulder harness has its own mechanism for adjustment.
Sorry to say, but at the moment I am not going to disclose any more details on the internal mechanism that drives the seat, as I hope to find a suitable company willing to produce and bring the seat to market in the near future, as I don't have the time and resources to do that my own.


I had thought about making a g-seat first and then add 2d motion to it but that would have resulted in 6 motors total and it wouldn't have given the heave (up/down) motion. Nice to see it it is doable with only three motors. Unfortunaly I have trouble finding the time to actually get building all my projects. Good luck trying to get your seat to the market. I'll probably end up buying it as I haven't accomplished anything worthwhile in the meantime ;) .

Cristian posted on 18.1.2019 at 1:37

Hello, your work its incredible, thank u for share this to the community. A friend and i was talking about  built a G seat, But we just have random ideas and thousands of questions. Can you help us with a start point ? we fly FA18C from DCS. thank u! regards!!


Thanks Cristian! I removed all info about the G-Seat from this site, as I am about to publish an improved version of Motion/G-Seat here in a few weeks.
Check out, there is much information about G-Seat projects over there: link
Also my original G-Seat thread from 2013: link
If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me! All the best with your build!