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Simpit structure

Working time approx. 7 days.

The simpit is a wooden construction as closely as possible to the dimensions of the real F/A-18E cockpit. I found some real cockpit pictures, useful dimensions and some very good 3D models on

<strong>Day 1</strong> (16.3.2015): first cuts Day 1 (16.3.2015): first cuts
<strong>Day 2</strong>: some progress Day 2: some progress
<strong>Day 3-4</strong>: simpit framework Day 3-4: simpit framework
<strong>Day 5</strong>: side consoles done Day 5: side consoles done
<strong>Day 6</strong>: paintjob started Day 6: paintjob started
<strong>Day 7</strong>: main structure finished Day 7: main structure finished


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